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Safety Blood Lancets

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Safety Blood Lancets

March 4, 2021
Latest company case about Safety Blood Lancets

The safety blood lancets are widely used in blood glucose testing as well as many other blood analysis field for disease detection, like HIV, malaria, hepatitis, newborn screening etc. There are mainly 4 types of safety blood lancets worldwide according to different activated methods:


1. Pressure Activated: This is the most common one, activate in just 1 or 2 steps and press against the puncture site, then the sampling is done.


2. Button Activated: There are only several manufacturers can produce this kind of lancet which is featured by a push button at the bottom of the lancet body or at one side of the lancet body. The most famous models are Accu-Chek Safe-T Pro Uno from Roche, Acti-Lance & Prolance from HTL, Unistik 3 from Owen Mumford and OptiLance from ACON etc.


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3. Depth Adjustable: This is an innovative type of lancet, it generates 3 or 5 different penetration depths on one single lancet, to achieve different blood volume for different sampling purpose. Except Accu-Chek Safe-T Pro Plus from Roche, there are only 3 Chinese manufacturers can produce the similar models. But the current problem is that its production capacity is very low and the cost is much higher than the common lancets (pressure activated & button activated).


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4. Heel Stick: It is the safest lancing device for infants, with features of a micro-blade and a sweeping incision routine. There are many outstanding products like QuickHeel from BD, Tenderfoot from Torvan Medical, NeatNick from Hawaii Medical, Allay from Intrinsyk, LLC etc.


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As you can see, the competitiveness in this field is still fierce, so what will be the future trend of safety lancets? The lancet will be transferred into a smaller-dimension, simplified construction and lower-cost device, aims to achieve safer, painless or even needleless blood sampling procedure.

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